Upgraded 150inch Projector Screen with Stand: 4K HD, Wrinkle-Free, Indoor/Outdoor

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Discover the enhanced version of our projector screen, tailored for impeccable viewing experiences. With its 150inch dimension, 4K HD clarity, and wrinkle-free design, this product promises unmatchable visual delights for indoor and outdoor settings. Plus, it boasts features like a 160° viewing angle, 1.1 gain, and an easy-to-clean surface, making your movie nights in the backyard even more enjoyable.
Transforming your visual sessions, whether in the comfort of your home or the expanse of your backyard, is now achievable with our upgraded projector screen. With a grand size of 150inches, the screen provides viewers with vivid and clear imagery, thanks to its 4K HD quality.

But clarity isn’t its only strength. Say goodbye to those pesky wrinkles that ruin your experience. The wrinkle-free design ensures smooth projections every time. Couple this with an expansive 160° viewing angle, and you have the perfect setup for large gatherings.

The 1.1 gain ensures optimal brightness, making sure your visuals are neither too dim nor too glaring. And for those inevitable spills and stains? Fret not. The screen’s surface is a breeze to clean, ensuring it retains its pristine look for countless viewings.

Finally, mobility and storage are no longer concerns. The screen comes with a durable stand, suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings. Additionally, the package includes a handy carry bag, making transportation and storage hassle-free.

Q: Does the screen support 4K HD projections?
A: Yes, the screen is designed for 4K HD clarity, offering viewers sharp and detailed imagery.

Q: Is the stand included with the projector screen?
A: Absolutely! The package includes a durable stand suitable for various environments, indoors and out.

Q: What’s the gain on this screen?
A: The screen has a 1.1 gain, ensuring optimal brightness for your visuals.

Q: Can the screen be cleaned easily?
A: Yes, the screen’s surface is designed for easy cleaning, allowing it to maintain its quality look.

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