Dacoity Gaming Keyboard: 104 Keys, Metal Panel, Rainbow LED, Multimedia & Anti-ghosting

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Dive deep into the world of gaming with the Dacoity Keyboard, boasting a metal panel, 104 keys, and standout features to elevate your play.
The Dacoity Gaming Keyboard isn’t just another peripheral on the market. With its all-metal panel construction, it offers a sturdy and robust build, designed for those intense gaming sessions. But what truly sets it apart is the dazzling rainbow LED backlight. Not just for aesthetics, the LED aids in darker environments, ensuring you never miss a key. Moreover, it comes with a comfortable wrist rest, preventing strains during prolonged usage.

The quiet keys ensure that your focus remains undistracted, while multimedia keys provide easy access to essential controls. Anti-ghosting keys ensure every press is registered, even when multiple keys are pressed simultaneously. Designed for versatility, it’s compatible with PC, Mac, and even Xbox. And don’t fret about accidental spills, as its waterproof feature has got you covered.

Q: Can the LED lights be customised?
A: While the Dacoity Keyboard features a stunning rainbow LED, customisation options might vary depending on the model.

Q: Is the wrist rest detachable?
A: The Dacoity Keyboard comes with a built-in wrist rest to enhance user comfort. Detachability could depend on the specific model.

Q: How long is the USB cable?
A: The exact length of the USB cable can vary, but most standard gaming keyboards offer a decent length for flexibility and movement.

Q: Are drivers needed for Mac or Xbox?
A: Typically, the Dacoity Keyboard is designed for plug-and-play, but specific requirements can depend on the device in use.

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