AINOPE 100W USB C Charger Cable 10FT: Compatible with MacBook Pro/Air, iPad Pro/Air, Galaxy 23?

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Delve into the features and compatibility of the AINOPE 100W USB C Charger Cable. With a length of 10FT and compatibility with various devices, this charger ensures quick and efficient charging.
AINOPE offers a USB C Charger Cable with a power delivery of 100W, providing fast charging for devices. With a 5A Type C and 10FT length, it ensures users can charge from a distance comfortably. The cable is also geared with PD4.0 and QC5.0 technology, making it apt for the latest devices. Key features to note:

Power: Boasts 100W, suitable for devices requiring high power input.
Length: The 10FT cable ensures flexibility in charging.
Fast Charging: With PD4.0 and QC5.0, expect your devices to charge in no time.
Compatibility: Designed for MacBook Pro/Air, iPad Pro/Air, and Samsung Galaxy 23, among others.

Ensure that when using this charger, devices compatible with PD4.0 or QC5.0 will benefit the most from the fast charging feature. Always refer to your device’s manual to understand its charging capabilities.

**Q:** Does the AINOPE 100W USB C Charger Cable support other devices besides the ones mentioned?
**A:** Yes, while it’s optimized for MacBook Pro/Air, iPad Pro/Air, and Samsung Galaxy 23, it can work with any device compatible with USB C input, but charging speeds might vary.

Q: How durable is the 10FT cable?
A: The AINOPE cable is designed for durability, but like all cables, proper care will extend its lifespan. Avoid bending sharply or exposing to extreme temperatures.

Q: Will the PD4.0 and QC5.0 features drain my battery faster?
A: No, these technologies ensure efficient charging. Your device’s battery health shouldn’t be negatively impacted by fast charging if it’s compatible.

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