SanDisk Ultra 32GB UHS-I SDHC Card – 80MB/s Transfer

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Looking to expand storage or achieve swift data transfer? Dive into the specs and perks of the SanDisk Ultra 32GB UHS-I SDHC Card, boasting a blazing 80MB/s transfer speed.
Many opt for the SanDisk Ultra 32GB UHS-I SDHC Card due to its promise of top-notch performance and reliability. A standout feature? Its impressive 80MB/s transfer speed. Perfect for those capturing high-definition photos or recording video. No more waiting around for files to transfer. Plus, with 32GB of storage, there’s ample space for a myriad of files. With its Class 10 rating, users are assured of a steady video recording performance. The SDSDUNC-032G-GN6IN model is a testament to SanDisk’s dedication to quality and performance.

Q: Does the SanDisk Ultra 32GB SDHC Card support 4K video recording?
A: While this card boasts a Class 10 and UHS-I rating suitable for full HD recording, it’s recommended to check with the device manufacturer for 4K support.

Q: Is the 80MB/s transfer speed for both reading and writing?
A: The 80MB/s refers primarily to the read speed. Write speed might vary, often being slightly lower.

Q: What’s the durability of this card?
A: SanDisk ensures high durability, making the card resistant to water, shock, and temperature extremes.

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