Cimetech Ultra-Thin Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo – Grey

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Discover the sleek and efficient design of the Cimetech Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo. Ideal for any Windows desktop, notebook, or PC, this compact set combines style and function in a slim package.

Whether you’re working from an office or at home, a reliable keyboard and mouse are paramount for productivity. The Cimetech Combo does not disappoint. Crafted with a compact and ultra-thin design, it offers a modern aesthetic while ensuring you don’t compromise on functionality.

Key features include:

Compact Full Size: No need to adjust to smaller keys. Enjoy the benefits of a full-sized keyboard in a compact design.
2.4G Wireless Technology: Say goodbye to tangled cords. Experience a smooth and interruption-free connection.
Sleek Aesthetics: With its sleek grey finish, it effortlessly complements any workspace.
Compatibility: Perfectly tailored for Windows computer desktops, PCs, and notebooks.

Whether you’re a professional, student, or enthusiast, the Cimetech Combo promises an optimal computing experience.

Q: Does this combo work with all Windows versions?
A: Yes, it’s designed for compatibility with a range of Windows computers, desktops, and notebooks.

Q: What’s the range of the 2.4G wireless connection?
A: Typically, the 2.4G wireless connection offers a range up to 10 metres, ensuring flexibility in your workspace.

Q: Is it easy to set up?
A: Absolutely. The Cimetech Combo is designed for plug-and-play functionality, making setup a breeze.

Q: Is the battery life decent?
A: Yes, both the keyboard and mouse boast long-lasting battery lives, minimising the frequency of replacements.

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