Razer Basilisk V3 Customisable Gaming Mouse, Black – 26K DPI Sensor, Ergonomics & Chroma RGB Glow

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Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of gaming with the Razer Basilisk V3. This customisable gaming mouse merges unrivalled performance with superior comfort. A black classic that sets the bar high for all gaming mice.
Unleashing the pinnacle of gaming technology, the Razer Basilisk V3 brings a remarkable 26K DPI Optical Sensor into the palm of your hand. Expect unparalleled accuracy and agility, making every move count.

The Basilisk V3 doesn’t just perform well, it looks stunning too. Illuminate your gaming station with Chroma RGB Lighting. Select from an array of colours and experience a light show like no other.

The mouse is as much about comfort as it is about performance. With its customisable ergonomics, the Basilisk V3 conforms to your hand for a tailored fit. This makes for comfortable extended gaming sessions and reduces the risk of strain. All these features are packed into a timeless, classic black design that will match any gaming setup.

But the beauty of the Basilisk V3 is in its customisability. The design enables you to play your way, tweaking settings to fit your style and preferred gaming genre. A truly personal gaming experience is just a click away.

Q: Can I adjust the DPI settings on the Basilisk V3?
A: Absolutely. The Razer Basilisk V3 comes with a 26K DPI Optical Sensor that you can adjust according to your gaming needs.

Q: Does the mouse have RGB lighting?
A: Yes, the Basilisk V3 features Chroma RGB Lighting. You can choose from a spectrum of colours to create the ultimate gaming ambiance.

Q: Is the Basilisk V3 comfortable to use?
A: Indeed, the Basilisk V3 boasts customisable ergonomics. This means it conforms to your hand, providing comfort and reducing the risk of strain during extended gaming sessions.

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