Anker Nylon USB C Cable Pack – Compatible with iPad Mini 6, Pro 2020, Air 4, MacBook Pro 2020, Galaxy S22Switch Pixel, and More

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Experience an elevated level of charging and data transfer with the Anker Nylon USB C to USB C Cable Pack. This top-tier tech accessory ensures efficient functionality with a myriad of devices including iPad Mini 6, iPad Pro 2020, iPad Air 4, MacBook Pro 2020, Samsung Galaxy S22Switch Pixel, and more. This 2-pack 3.3ft Nylon USB C cable comes with a 60W USB C charger, reinforcing reliability and performance.
Designed for durability, the Anker USB C Cable is made from tough nylon that is both robust and flexible. This prevents the cable from being damaged easily, ensuring longevity and continuous utility. It supports a power output of 60W(3A), allowing for fast charging and efficient data transfer.

Its wide compatibility makes it a must-have tech accessory for users of multiple devices. From the latest iPad models to MacBook Pros, and even the Samsung Galaxy S22Switch Pixel, these cables offer seamless connection and superior performance.

This pack contains two 3.3ft cables, perfect for various scenarios – be it at home, in the office, or on the move. The compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry around, and the 3.3ft length offers a balance between utility and convenience.

The Anker USB C Cable Pack is an investment in quality and convenience. Its universal compatibility, high-speed performance, and robust construction make it a solid choice for all your charging and data transfer needs.

Q: Is the Anker USB C Cable compatible with the latest iPad models?
A: Yes, it is fully compatible with the iPad Mini 6, iPad Pro 2020, and iPad Air 4.

Q: What is the length of these cables?
A: Each cable in the pack is 3.3ft long.

Q: Can these cables support fast charging?
A: Yes, they can. The cables support a power output of 60W(3A), enabling fast charging.

Q: How many cables are included in the pack?
A: The pack includes two 3.3ft Anker USB C cables.

Q: What devices are these cables compatible with?
A: They are compatible with a wide range of devices, including the MacBook Pro 2020, Samsung Galaxy S22Switch Pixel, and more.

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