Ohbox Heavy Duty 6FT iPhone Cable: 3Pack Braided Charger for Various iPhone Models & iPad

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Discover the Ohbox Heavy Duty 6FT iPhone Charger Cable. This robust braided cord, available in a convenient 3Pack, ensures rapid charging. It’s compatible with numerous iPhone models, from the iPhone 14 down to the 5S, including the Pro, Max, Mini, X, Plus series, and even the iPad. Here’s all you need to know.

The smartphone market sees numerous charging cables, but few stand out as the Ohbox Heavy Duty 6FT iPhone Charger Cable. Specifically designed for the demands of iPhone users, this braided cord boasts durability and efficient power delivery. With a length of 6 feet, it provides ample room for flexibility.
Durability: Its braided design ensures it can withstand daily wear and tear.
Compatibility: Whether you have an iPhone 14 or an iPhone 5S, or any model in between, this cable has got you covered. The compatibility extends to the Pro, Max, Mini, X, Plus series, and also the iPad.
Fast Charging: Speed is of the essence, and the Ohbox cable promises quick charge times to ensure your device is ready when you are.

Are you tired of frayed cables? The Ohbox Heavy Duty 6FT iPhone Charger Cable is your solution. Offering not just one, but a 3Pack, it’s an investment in quality and convenience.

Q: Can I use this charger for my iPhone 11 Pro?
A: Absolutely! The Ohbox 6FT cable is compatible with the iPhone 11 Pro and many other models.

Q: How many cables come in one purchase?
A: You’ll receive a 3Pack of the Ohbox 6FT iPhone Charger Cable with your purchase.

Q: Is the braided design just for aesthetics?
A: While the braided design does look stylish, its primary purpose is to enhance the cable’s durability.

Q: Will this cable support fast charging for my iPad?
A: Yes, the Ohbox cable supports fast charging, and it’s also compatible with iPads.

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