Lovaky MK98 2.4G Ergonomic Wireless PC Keyboard with Keypad – Black

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Delving into the sophisticated world of wireless tech, the Lovaky MK98 presents a blend of ergonomic design and advanced functionality. Suited for diverse computing needs, this full-size keyboard boasts an enlarged indicator light and a dedicated numeric keypad. Whether for a laptop, desktop, Surface, Chromebook, or notebook, its sleek black finish complements any device.
Computing has evolved with a shift towards convenience and comfort. With the wireless revolution at its peak, the Lovaky MK98 keyboard stands out with its 2.4G wireless connectivity. Gone are the days of tangling cables and limited mobility. This keyboard provides users with the freedom to move and position their keyboards as they please.

Not just wireless, it’s ergonomically designed. This design ensures minimal strain on the wrists and hands, even during prolonged usage. The full-size feature ensures that users don’t miss out on any functionality, and the added numeric keypad facilitates swift data entry and numeric operations.

A unique feature of this keyboard is its enlarged indicator light. No more squinting to check if the Caps Lock is on or off. This clear and bold indicator light is a small yet vital addition for those who value every detail.

Although the black colour is universal and goes with most devices, it also offers a touch of elegance. The Lovaky MK98 is versatile and is compatible with various devices, be it a Surface, Chromebook, laptop, desktop, or notebook.

Q: What wireless technology does the Lovaky MK98 use?
A: The keyboard utilises 2.4G wireless connectivity.

Q: Is the keyboard compatible with all computer brands?
A: Yes, it’s versatile and pairs well with devices like Surface, Chromebook, laptop, desktop, and notebook.

Q: Does it have a dedicated numeric keypad?
A: Absolutely! The Lovaky MK98 comes with a full-size design, inclusive of a numeric keypad.

Q: Why is the indicator light enlarged?
A: The enlarged indicator light ensures users can easily see its status, eliminating the need to squint or guess.

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