Mount VIVO Dual Monitor Desk, Stand Adjust Fully, Grasp 2 LCD LED Screens till 30 inches, STAND-V002 in Black

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Experience this solid VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount STAND-V002. Fabricated with purpose to carry two LCD or LED screens till a measurement of 30 inches. This STAND-V002, clothed in the timeless shade of black, achieves a blend of style and function. Enjoy an efficient workspace with your screens adjusted just how you fancy.
Decipher the capabilities of the VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount STAND-V002. Constructed of heavy-duty steel, it ensures security and longevity. The stand includes a base clamp that allows easy installation, no need for drilling or extra tools. With the fully adjustable design, one can shift, turn, or tilt screens for the perfect viewing angle. Cable management system integrated in the stand aids to maintain an organized desk. Double screens setup encourages a productive environment. Let this stand in classic black hold your LCD or LED screens with great stability and style. Please note: Screens up to 30 inches in size are best suited for this stand.

Q: What material makes the VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount STAND-V002?
A: A construction from heavy-duty steel gives it durability.

Q: How does installation occur for this stand?
A: The stand integrates a base clamp, enabling an easy setup without the need for drilling or extra tools.

Q: What is the largest screen size this stand can carry?
A: This stand is designed to hold screens up to 30 inches.

Q: Can screens be adjusted with this stand?
A: Yes, indeed. This stand allows complete adjustment of your screens for perfect viewing comfort.

Q: Is there a cable management feature in the stand?
A: Yes, the stand integrates a cable management system to keep your workspace neat.

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