Fourfold Authentic [Apple MFi Certified] Lightning to USB Charger Cable Suitable for Various iPhone and iPad Models

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Discover the best charging solution for your iPhone and iPad devices with our Authentic Apple MFi Certified 4-pack charging cables. These high-quality cables offer fast, reliable charging and are compatible with a range of devices, including the iPhone 14/13/12/11 Pro/11/XS MAX/XR/8/7/6s Plus and iPad Pro/Air/Mini, plus iPod Touch.
Our charging cables come with Apple’s MFi certification, which ensures that they are both safe and efficient for your Apple devices. Each cable features a durable lightning to USB design that enables quick and easy charging.

The package includes four charging cables, giving you the flexibility to keep them in different places, such as at home, in the office, or even in your bag when on the go. This way, you are always prepared and never have to worry about running out of battery.

Not only are these cables perfect for charging, but they also support data transfer. This means you can sync your photos, music, and other data while charging your device simultaneously.

With compatibility spanning from the latest iPhone 14 to the older iPhone models and a variety of iPad versions, these cables are versatile and practical, an essential accessory for every Apple user.

Q: Is the cable compatible with the iPhone XS MAX?
A: Yes, the cable is compatible with iPhone XS MAX, along with various other iPhone models.

Q: Can I use this cable with my iPad Air?
A: Absolutely. The cable can be used with the iPad Air, as well as iPad Pro and iPad Mini.

Q: Does the cable support data transfer?
A: Yes, in addition to charging, the cable also supports data transfer, allowing you to sync your device while charging it.

Q: What is the advantage of the 4-pack set?
A: The 4-pack set gives you more flexibility. You can keep a cable at different places like at home, in the office, or in your bag for on-the-go charging.

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