HP 61 Ink Cartridges: Black & Tri-color – CH561WN & CH562WN Queries

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Discover key details about the HP 61 series with 2 ink cartridges – Black and Tri-color. These cartridges, identified by their product numbers CH561WN and CH562WN, are vital components for specific printer models. Whether you’re considering a purchase or need clarity on its usage, this guide provides the answers.

HP 61 is a series of ink cartridges designed for optimal performance in selected HP printers. These cartridges come in two primary colours: black and tri-colour. The product codes, CH561WN for black and CH562WN for tri-colour, allow users to identify and purchase the correct ink for their devices.

There’s a notable distinction between the two cartridges. While the black cartridge focuses on delivering sharp and clear texts, the tri-colour cartridge is essential for producing vibrant and high-quality images. Before purchasing, it’s advisable to check the compatibility with your printer model to ensure seamless printing.

Q: What are the product numbers for the HP 61 Black and Tri-color cartridges?
A: The product number for the Black cartridge is CH561WN and for the Tri-color cartridge is CH562WN.

Q: Are these cartridges compatible with all HP printers?
A: No, they are designed for specific HP printer models. Always check compatibility before purchasing.

Q: What’s the difference between the Black and Tri-color cartridges in the HP 61 series?
A: The Black cartridge is tailored for sharp and clear texts, while the Tri-color cartridge produces vibrant and high-quality images.

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