Fast Cat6 Ethernet Cable 1000ft – 23 AWG Solid Copper, 550MHZ/10 Gbps – CMR Blue

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Explore the significance and utility of Fast Cat6 Ethernet Cables, characterised by their length, composition, and exceptional speed capabilities. Designed for optimal performance, these 1000ft cables are crafted with 23 AWG insulated solid bare copper wire and are equipped with noise-reducing cross separators.
With the rapid evolution of networking technologies, selecting the right ethernet cable is crucial. Among the array of choices, the Fast Cat6 Ethernet Cable stands out due to its impressive specifications.

Boasting a length of 1000ft, this cable provides ample reach for extensive setups. Its solid bare copper wire with a thickness of 23 AWG ensures consistent and uninterrupted signal transmission. Notably, the addition of noise-reducing cross separators minimises interference, fostering a cleaner connection.

The speed capability of 550MHZ/10 Gbps is what makes this cable perfect for high-speed applications, ensuring efficient data transfers and seamless online experiences. Furthermore, its CMR (Blue) rating indicates that the cable is designed for riser installations, making it suitable for vertical installations in multi-storey buildings.

Q: What makes the Fast Cat6 Ethernet Cable 1000ft unique?
A: Its distinctive features include a 23 AWG solid bare copper wire, noise-reducing cross separators, and a remarkable speed capacity of 550MHZ/10 Gbps. Moreover, its CMR rating makes it suitable for vertical installations in multi-level settings.

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