HB 63 2-Ink Cartridges: Black & Tri-Color Compatibility Guide

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Explore the compatibility of the HB 63 2-Ink Cartridges set. Whether using DeskJet, Envy, or OfficeJet, find out if these cartridges are the right match for your printer model.

The HB 63 2-Ink Cartridges package offers both black and tri-color inks. While most users might think it’s a straightforward choice, the compatibility of these cartridges with specific printer models remains crucial. This set includes cartridges labeled F6U61AN and F6U62AN. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of the printers compatible with these cartridges:

DeskJet Series:


Envy Series:


OfficeJet Series:


Before making a purchase, always ensure the cartridge is the right match for your printer to prevent issues and ensure optimal printing quality.

**Q:** Can I use the HB 63 2-Ink Cartridges with any printer?
**A:** No. The HB 63 cartridges are specifically designed for certain DeskJet, Envy, and OfficeJet series models.

Q: Are both the F6U61AN and F6U62AN included in the package?
A: Yes, the package includes both the F6U61AN (tri-color) and F6U62AN (black) cartridges.

Q: Do I need to buy both cartridges separately?
A: No, the HB 63 set comes with both black and tri-color cartridges.

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