Apple MFi Certified 3ft Coiled iPhone Charger 2 Pack for Vehicles

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Discover the coiled charging solution tailored for Apple devices, ensuring compatibility with a broad spectrum of iPhone models and other Apple products. With MFi certification, users get the guarantee of efficient, safe charging while on the move.
When it comes to charging your Apple devices, especially during commutes or long drives, the importance of a reliable and compact cable cannot be overstated. Introducing the 3ft Coiled iPhone Charger – a 2 Pack solution that’s been certified by Apple through its MFi program.


MFi Certification: This stamp of approval from Apple assures you of its compatibility and safety.
Versatile Use: Whether you’ve got an iPhone 14, 13, 12, 11 Pro Max, XS MAX, XR, XS, 8, or even an iPad, iPod, or CarPlay system, this cable can cater to them all.
Perfect Length: At 3ft, it’s short enough to avoid tangling but long enough to offer flexibility.
2 Pack Advantage: With two cables, keep one at home and one in the car or gift one to a friend.
Retractable Design: The coiled nature of the cable ensures it retracts back to its compact form after use, avoiding messy car interiors.

Whether it’s for daily commutes, road trips, or just to have a backup, the 3ft Coiled iPhone Charger 2 Pack is a must-have for every Apple device user on the go.

**Q:** Is this charger compatible with iPhone 14?
**A:** Yes, the charger is compatible with iPhone 14 as well as other models like the 13, 12, and 11 Pro Max, among others.

Q: Does it support fast charging?
A: While the cable is MFi certified ensuring safe and efficient charging, the speed would depend on the adapter you use.

Q: Can it be used with CarPlay?
A: Absolutely! This cable is compatible with CarPlay systems.

Q: Are there two cables in the package?
A: Yes, the package includes two 3ft coiled charging cables.

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