Ercielook Cat 6 Flat Ethernet Cable 30 M – White with RJ45 & Clips

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Ercielook presents a flat Ethernet cable, top-notch for ensuring stable connectivity. Flaunting the renowned Cat 6 standard and complete with robust RJ45 connectors, this white cable stretches an impressive 30 metres. The added clips make setup a breeze, ensuring no tangles or mess.

In an era of virtual connections, the significance of tangible wires remains paramount. The Ercielook Ethernet Cable stands out from its contemporaries. With the Cat 6 specification, it offers better protection against interference, which means smoother streaming and quicker data transfer. The flat design isn’t just for aesthetics; it’s functional, allowing for easier placement and reduced tangling. RJ45 connectors ensure compatibility with most devices, and the included clips keep the cable secure and organised.

Q: What’s special about the Cat 6 specification?
A: Cat 6 ensures reduced interference and better data transfer rates, perfect for heavy-duty online tasks.

Q: Is the flat design merely for looks?
A: No, the flat design minimises tangling and is functional, making it easier for placement.

Q: Do I need separate clips to organise the cable?
A: No need! Ercielook’s Ethernet Cable includes clips for a tidy and secure setup.

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