Durable 36-Card Wallet: Water-Resistant & Anti-Shock for Micro SD & SD

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When safeguarding valuable digital files, a protective case becomes indispensable. Discover a premium memory card wallet designed for the dual convenience of carrying both Micro SD and SD cards, featuring water-resistance and anti-shock properties.

Memory cards have become the unsung heroes in our digital age, holding precious moments, crucial data, and countless files. As such, it’s essential to ensure they’re well-protected, especially when on the move. With an increase in the variety of card types – from Micro SD to SD – there’s a need for a versatile storage solution.

Enter the 36-card memory wallet. This unique case accommodates:

Micro SD, SDXC, and SDHC Cards: With 24 slots dedicated for these tiny powerhouses, there’s ample space for photographers, videographers, or any tech enthusiast.
SD, SDXC, and SDHC Cards: An additional 12 slots ensure these slightly larger cards are not left behind.

Key Features:

Water-Resistant: Rain or accidental spills won’t be an issue. This feature safeguards cards from potential damage, ensuring data integrity.
Anti-Shock: Bumps and drops can be damaging. The case’s build provides a buffer against impacts, ensuring cards remain unscathed.

Whether you’re a professional in the field or someone who values their digital collection, this memory card wallet offers the protection and organisation needed.

**Q:** Can this wallet fit other card types beyond Micro SD and SD?
**A:** The design focuses on Micro SD and SD cards. It’s best suited for 24 Micro SD (SDXC, SDHC, TF) and 12 SD (SDXC, SDHC) cards.

Q: Is the water-resistant feature suitable for submersion?
A: No, it’s designed to protect against accidental spills or rain, not submersion.

Q: How durable is the anti-shock feature?
A: The case offers protection against everyday drops and bumps. It’s not intended for extreme conditions but provides sufficient daily protection.

Q: Are the cards easy to access?
A: Absolutely. The design ensures cards are securely held, yet easily accessible when needed.

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