Australian MFi-Certified iPhone Charger: 2-Pack USB C 20W Set with 6FT Cable

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Discover the robust and efficient charging solution, the 2-Pack USB C 20W wall charger, which boasts Apple MFi certification. Crafted to match a range of iPhone models, it ensures that your devices get powered up swiftly and safely. Whether you have an iPhone 14, 14 Pro, or an older model, this charger set is a must-have in your tech arsenal.

The charging ecosystem of our devices is shifting rapidly. Central to this change is the USB C technology which provides a fast, efficient, and universal charging solution. When paired with Apple’s MFi certification, it promises unmatched quality and reliability.
Apple MFi Certified: This mark of authenticity ensures that the charger is made to Apple’s exacting standards, guaranteeing safety and compatibility.
2-Pack for Convenience: Whether at home or on-the-go, having an extra charger is always handy. With two in the pack, never be caught out without power again.
20W PD Adapter: Experience rapid charging, reducing the wait time for your devices to juice up.
6FT USB C Fast Cable: Length and speed combined! This 6FT cable offers the flexibility to move around while your device charges, and it does so quickly.
Broad Compatibility: Not just for the latest iPhone 14 series, it’s also compatible with older models, ensuring it’s a versatile addition to your charging needs.

Q: Does this charger support the latest iPhone models?
A: Absolutely! It’s compatible with the iPhone 14 series and many previous models.

Q: What’s the importance of Apple MFi certification?
A: It ensures the product is manufactured to Apple’s strict standards, guaranteeing compatibility and safety.

Q: How does USB C stand out from other charging cables?
A: USB C provides a faster and more efficient charge, making it a modern standard in charging tech.

Q: Is the 6FT cable length really necessary?
A: While not necessary, it offers added convenience allowing movement while charging.

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