AINOPE USB C Cable 10FT: Fast Charging 3.1A for iPad Pro, MacBook & Galaxy

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Discover the prowess of AINOPE’s USB C Cable, a 10FT Type C charging marvel. Boasting rapid 3.1A charging capabilities, its resilience is enhanced by a durable nylon braided design. Perfect for devices like the iPad Pro, MacBook, Galaxy S23, and more.

AINOPE’s USB C Cable stands out in the crowded market of charging solutions. With its 10FT length, it ensures convenience for users, allowing them to stay connected even when far from a power source. This Type C charger offers fast charging at 3.1A, ensuring devices power up in a breeze. Users often laud its durable nylon braided design, attributing it to the cable’s longevity and resistance to wear and tear.

Compatibility is another ace up its sleeve. Designed with the modern user in mind, it’s perfect for charging devices like the iPad Pro, AIR, Mini 6, MacBook, and the newest Galaxy models including S23, S22, 21, S10, and the Note series.

In the world of chargers, AINOPE’s offering distinguishes itself not just through its functionality but also its reliability. Its build ensures less tangling and its connectors are made for repeated use without degradation in performance.

Q: What devices are compatible with the AINOPE USB C Cable?
A: It’s compatible with iPad Pro, AIR, Mini 6, MacBook, and Galaxy models like S23, S22, 21, S10, and the Note series.

Q: What’s the length of the cable?
A: The cable measures 10FT.

Q: How does the nylon braided design benefit the cable?
A: The nylon braiding enhances durability, preventing wear and tear, and reducing tangling.

Q: How fast can it charge my device?
A: It boasts a fast charging capability of 3.1A.

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