WALI Dual LCD Monitor Adjustable Desk Mount for 2 Screens up to 27 inch, 22 lbs. Weight Capacity per Arm, Black (M002)

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Struggling with limited desk space or aiming for a more ergonomic workstation? Meet the WALI Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount (M002). This versatile black stand, crafted to hold two screens up to 27 inches, and capable of supporting 22 lbs. per arm, may be just what you need.
Enhance your workspace with the WALI Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount. Whether for professional or personal use, this fully adjustable stand can accommodate two screens, each up to 27 inches and 22 lbs. The M002 model offers various adjustment features, ensuring a comfortable viewing angle and helping to reduce eye and neck strain.

– Fits two screens effortlessly
– Each arm can support up to 22 lbs.
– Adjustable angles for an ergonomic setup
– Easy assembly and robust design
– Sleek black finish to complement any decor

Invest in the M002 and transform your desk into an efficient, clutter-free workspace.

Q: What size monitors does this desk mount support?
A: The WALI Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount supports two screens up to 27 inches each.

Q: Can I adjust the height and angle of the screens?
A: Yes, the M002 model allows you to fully adjust the height and angle of each screen, providing a customizable and ergonomic viewing experience.

Q: Is it difficult to assemble the stand?
A: No, the WALI Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount comes with a comprehensive guide, making assembly straightforward and hassle-free.

Q: Will this mount be stable enough to hold my monitors?
A: Absolutely, with a weight capacity of 22 lbs. per arm, the M002 model is designed to securely hold your monitors in place.

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