VIVO STAND-V002F: Robust Free-Standing Desk Stand for Dual Monitors up to 27″ – VESA 100x100mm

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Introducing the VIVO STAND-V002F, a powerful desk solution designed to optimise your workspace and elevate your productivity. Catering for two LED or LCD screens up to 27 inches, this stand is engineered with heavy-duty adjustable arms capable of supporting a Max VESA of 100x100mm. Providing not only durability but also superior flexibility, the STAND-V002F transforms your desk into a dynamic and efficient work environment.
Looking to upgrade your workstation with a multi-screen setup? The VIVO STAND-V002F is your optimal choice. This free-standing dual monitor stand accommodates two LED or LCD monitors, each up to 27 inches. The robust construction ensures stability while the fully adjustable arms offer flexibility in screen positioning, making multitasking more convenient than ever before.

The STAND-V002F adheres to VESA’s 100x100mm standard, which guarantees compatibility with most monitors on the market. Additionally, the heavy-duty design promises long-lasting durability and excellent weight distribution. The installation process is straightforward, allowing you to set up your new workstation in no time.

Incorporating the VIVO STAND-V002F into your workspace improves ergonomics by allowing you to adjust your screens’ height, tilt, swivel and rotation for a personalised and comfortable viewing experience. Make the switch today and experience the benefits of a well-organised and efficient workstation.

Q: Can I adjust the height of the monitors on the VIVO STAND-V002F?
A: Absolutely, the stand’s fully adjustable arms allow you to tailor the height of your monitors according to your preference.

Q: Is the STAND-V002F compatible with all monitor brands?
A: The stand complies with the VESA 100x100mm standard, making it compatible with most monitor brands that adhere to the same standard. However, it’s advisable to confirm your monitors’ specifications before purchasing.

Q: How many screens can the VIVO STAND-V002F support?
A: The STAND-V002F can comfortably support two screens, each up to 27 inches.

Q: Is the assembly process complicated?
A: No, the assembly of the VIVO STAND-V002F is straightforward and can be completed swiftly. All necessary tools and instructions are provided in the package.

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