Valuetoner Cartridges for Canon PG-245, CL-246: Compatibility & Features?

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Discover the ins and outs of Valuetoner’s ink cartridges, specially designed as replacements for Canon PG-245, CL-246 series. Examine their compatibility and the various models they support.

Valuetoner has introduced its range of ink cartridges tailored for Canon users. These cartridges, made to replace Canon’s PG-245XL, CL-246XL, PG-243, and CL-244 series, boast compatibility with a variety of printer models.

Here’s a list of supported printers for these Valuetoner cartridges:


These cartridges come in a convenient 2-pack set, ensuring users have a backup when they need it.

Q: Can I use these cartridges with my Canon MG2520 printer?
A: Yes, the Valuetoner cartridges are compatible with the Canon MG2520, along with several other models.

Q: Is there any difference in quality between the original Canon cartridges and these replacements?
A: Many users find Valuetoner cartridges to offer similar quality to the original Canon versions, though individual experiences may vary.

Q: How many cartridges come in one package?
A: These Valuetoner cartridges are sold in a 2-pack set.

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