UtechSmart USB C Hub: Dual HDMI & 4-in-1 Ports for MacBook, Nintendo Switch & More

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Discover the prowess of the UtechSmart USB C Hub, designed with versatility in mind. Fitted with two HDMI ports, this product takes your USB C device’s capability up a notch. Whether you’re connecting a MacBook or a Nintendo Switch, this hub offers smooth and seamless integration.
UtechSmart’s USB C Hub stands out in the realm of device connectors. It’s not just an ordinary adapter. It boasts dual HDMI functionalities, meaning you can simultaneously connect to two screens, enriching your viewing and working experience. The 4K USB 3.0 port ensures you get high-definition visuals without compromising speed. The power delivery Type C port ensures your devices stay charged and ready. Its compatibility range is impressive, catering not just to MacBooks but also the Nintendo Switch and a wide array of USB C devices.

Q: Can I use this hub to connect my MacBook to two screens?
A: Absolutely. The dual HDMI functionalities allow you to connect to two displays simultaneously.

Q: Is the UtechSmart USB C Hub compatible with devices other than the MacBook and Nintendo Switch?
A: Yes. The hub is designed to work with a plethora of USB C devices.

Q: Does the 4K USB 3.0 port support high-speed data transfer?
A: Indeed. The 4K USB 3.0 port provides both high-definition visuals and swift data transfer rates.

Q: Can I charge my device using this hub?
A: Certainly. The power delivery Type C port ensures your devices remain charged and operational.

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