USB-C Charger Cable 10ft Gold – 2Pack Extra Long for Samsung, LG & More

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Discover the benefits and features of the gold USB-C charger cable. At an impressive 10ft, this extra-long 2Pack promises compatibility with renowned brands like Samsung and LG. Dive into a comprehensive overview of this charging solution.
USB-C has revolutionised the world of connectivity with its universal design and high-speed charging capabilities. But what truly stands out in this offering is its exceptional length of 10ft. Gone are the days of being tethered close to the power outlet; with this cable, you’ve got room to roam. The gold 2Pack is not just about aesthetics, but it guarantees a seamless and efficient charging experience.

Main Features:

Extra-long 10ft design: Provides flexibility and freedom to charge from a distance.
Gold Edition 2Pack: Ensures that you always have a spare and it adds a touch of luxury to your charging routine.
Compatibility: Perfectly fits devices like Samsung Galaxy S20, S10, S9, Note Series, LG V50, V40, and many more.
High-speed Charging: Optimised for quick and efficient power delivery, ensuring your device is charged in no time.

Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or someone who just appreciates convenience, this cable is bound to elevate your charging experience.

Q: Can I use this cable for devices other than Samsung and LG?
A: Absolutely! While it mentions compatibility with specific Samsung and LG models, any device with a USB-C port can benefit from this cable.

Q: Is the gold purely aesthetic or does it offer any functional benefits?
A: The gold primarily adds a touch of elegance to the cable. However, the cable itself is designed for high performance, irrespective of its colour.

Q: With its 10ft length, does it compromise on charging speed?
A: No, despite its length, it’s optimised for fast charging, ensuring efficiency at all times.

Q: Are both cables in the 2Pack of the same length?
A: Yes, both cables in the 2Pack are 10ft long, providing ample length for all your charging needs.

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