Unlocking Capabilities? Anker Thunderbolt 4 Cable 2.3 ft – 8K, 40Gbps, 100W, USB C, for Type-C Devices & More (Intel Certified)

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Discovering endless possibilities with Anker Thunderbolt 4 Cable, a 2.3 ft technological marvel. Supporting an 8K Display, 40Gbps Data Transfer, and 100W Charging, it’s a versatile link for USB C to USB C connections. Ideal for Type-C MacBooks, iPad Pro Hub Docking, and an array of devices, it’s Intel Thunderbolt Certified, assuring peak performance.
In a world demanding constant digital communication, having a reliable cable becomes crucial. Anker’s Thunderbolt 4 Cable emerges as a versatile solution, offering a plethora of features. The 2.3 ft length proves suitable for various setups, while the capability to support 8K display ensures crystal-clear visuals. With 40Gbps data transfer, it caters to those in need of speed, transferring large files or handling demanding tasks efficiently. The 100W charging capacity serves a wide range of Type-C devices, from MacBooks to iPad Pro, Hub Docking, and beyond. Being Intel Thunderbolt Certified, users can trust in its quality and performance. Dive into the digital realm and experience connectivity like never before.

Q: Can this cable support 8K display?
A: Absolutely, Anker Thunderbolt 4 Cable supports 8K display, ensuring the highest quality visuals.

Q: Is it suitable for Type-C MacBooks and iPad Pro?
A: Yes, it’s specifically designed for Type-C devices like MacBooks and iPad Pro, among others, making it highly versatile.

Q: Does it offer fast data transfer?
A: Indeed, with a 40Gbps data transfer rate, it’s adept at transferring large files and handling demanding tasks.

Q: Is the cable Intel Thunderbolt Certified?
A: Yes, it holds Intel Thunderbolt Certification, guaranteeing users peak performance and reliability.

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