Triple-Pack Falcon Gas (152a) Duster in Compact Format – 10 oz. Each (DPSXL3)

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Discover in detail the powerful cleaning solution in a compact format. Meet the Falcon Gas (152a) Duster. Delivered as a three-pack, each canister holds 10 oz. This specific product goes by the name DPSXL3. Its purpose serves to enhance the cleanliness of delicate equipment or hard-to-reach areas.
The Falcon Gas (152a) Duster, DPSXL3, provides a potent, yet safe, way of cleansing and maintaining your equipment. This versatile cleaning tool emits a potent stream of compressed gas, specifically designed to dislodge and remove dust, debris, and other unwanted particles.

Each 10 oz. canister within this three-pack is a compact, disposable solution, perfect for individual use and easy to store. Its formula is non-toxic, making it safe for both your devices and your environment.

Whether it’s intricate electronics, fragile optics, or any other delicate devices, the Falcon Gas (152a) Duster ensures a spotless and efficient cleaning process. Always remember, before application, to read and follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

What’s the capacity of each Falcon Gas (152a) Duster?
Every individual canister of Falcon Gas (152a) Duster in the DPSXL3 package carries 10 oz. of compressed cleaning gas.

How many canisters come in one DPSXL3 package?
The DPSXL3 package contains three canisters of the Falcon Gas (152a) Duster.

Is the Falcon Gas (152a) Duster safe for delicate devices?
Yes, the Falcon Gas (152a) Duster is designed to be safe for delicate devices. However, always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions prior to use.

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