SWEETFULL 6.5″ USB Desk Fan: Quiet, 3-Speed, 360° Adjust, Black Wood Grain

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Discover the SWEETFULL 6.5″ USB Desk Fan – a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. With its unique black wood grain finish, this fan isn’t just another appliance; it’s a statement piece. Designed for those who value performance and style, it offers three speed settings, 360° adjustability, and quiet operation.
Whether you’re in the office, at home, in your car, or outdoors, there’s often a need for a little breeze to keep you cool. The SWEETFULL 6.5″ USB Desk Fan is not just portable but also boasts an elegant black wood grain design, making it both a functional and decorative addition.

Its 3-speed settings allow for customised airflow, ensuring it caters to everyone’s cooling needs. The 360° adjustability means it’s versatile and can be directed exactly where you need it. Above all, its quiet operation ensures that whether you’re working, reading, or relaxing, it won’t disturb your peace.

While it’s small in size, this fan packs a punch when it comes to delivering a cool breeze. Powered by a USB connection, it’s easy to plug into a range of devices. With its sleek design, it doesn’t just cool you down; it elevates your space with its stylish black wood grain finish.

Q: How is the fan powered?
A: The SWEETFULL 6.5″ Desk Fan is powered via a USB connection.

Q: Can I adjust the direction of the airflow?
A: Yes, the fan offers 360° adjustability, allowing you to direct the airflow wherever needed.

Q: Will it make a lot of noise?
A: No, the fan is designed for quiet operation, making it suitable for various settings like offices or bedrooms.

Q: Is the black wood grain real wood?
A: The design is a black wood grain finish, giving it a sophisticated look, but it isn’t made of actual wood.

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