Sturdy Koonie 8-Inch Clip on Fan – Rechargeable 10000mAh, 4 Speeds, High Airflow, Portable – Suitable for Desk, Golf Car, Outdoor Activities, Gym

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Imagine having a device for the cool breeze, regardless of location, ideal for all kinds of activities, the office, a golf car ride, an outdoor adventure, a gym session, or even camping. Koonie 8-Inch Clip on Fan serves this purpose, equipped with a strong 10000mAh rechargeable battery. A sturdy clamp and four different speed levels ensure you can adjust to your comfort.
The Koonie 8-Inch Clip on Fan is not just a fan, it’s a solution for comfortable ventilation, designed to bring you convenience and comfort wherever you go. With its rechargeable 10000mAh battery, it promises to deliver a strong, refreshing breeze for a significant amount of your activities. Whether it’s your office desk or golf car, you can easily clip it on and enjoy the refreshing air.

What sets it apart is the four-speed control which allows you to adjust the airflow to your liking. Furthermore, the sturdy clamp ensures that the fan will remain firmly in place, avoiding any disturbance in your relaxation or work.

Outdoor enthusiasts can take full advantage of its portability. Whether you are setting up a tent for camping or just on an outdoor journey, the Koonie Clip on Fan can be a great companion, helping to keep you cool and refreshed. Gym goers can also benefit from this, having it clipped onto a treadmill or other equipment for that extra bit of cooling off during workouts.

Q: How long does the 10000mAh rechargeable battery last?
A: The battery duration depends on the speed setting you choose. At lower speeds, it could last a longer duration.

Q: Can this fan be attached anywhere?
A: Yes, the sturdy clamp allows you to attach the fan to a wide range of surfaces.

Q: How many speed settings does the fan have?
A: The Koonie Clip on Fan comes with four different speed settings to accommodate your preferences.

Q: Is the fan portable?
A: Yes, the fan is portable, making it perfect for use in different locations such as offices, golf cars, outdoor activities, gyms, and more.

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