Stormy Black HOTWEEMS D-09 Wireless Mice, USB Cordless for Laptop, Ergonomic Grips, Lightspeed, 2400 DPI with 5-Levels, 16 Months Battery, for PC, Mac, Chromebook – 6 Buttons, No Cords

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From the acclaimed brand HOTWEEMS comes the D-09, a cordless mouse designed for optimal convenience and performance. Dressed in stormy black, this device caters to the needs of PC, Mac, and Chromebook users alike. Its lightspeed technology ensures flawless execution of tasks while a DPI setting reaching up to 2400 is adjustable in five stages for precision control.
HOTWEEMS D-09 cordless mouse, crafted with ergonomic grips, assures a comfortable user experience. The exceptional 16-month battery life outpaces competitors, making it a superior choice for long-term use. Operating this device is effortless with its six buttons.

This mouse is ideally suited for laptops due to its compact and cordless nature, ensuring an organized and mobile work environment. It guarantees a seamless interaction with your computer whether you’re a PC, Mac, or Chromebook user. This product’s stormy black colour adds an extra touch of elegance to your workspace.

Wireless mice, especially the HOTWEEMS D-09, are the present and the future of computer peripherals. Enjoy the freedom of movement, the absence of tangled wires, and the improved productivity that this mouse offers.

Q: Can HOTWEEMS D-09 be used with Mac computers?
A: Yes, it is compatible with Mac computers, as well as PC and Chromebooks.

Q: What is the maximum DPI setting for this mouse?
A: The maximum DPI setting for the HOTWEEMS D-09 mouse is 2400, which can be adjusted in five levels.

Q: Is it possible to use the mouse while charging it?
A: As the HOTWEEMS D-09 comes with a prolonged battery life of up to 16 months, charging during use is not typically necessary.

Q: How many buttons does the D-09 have?
A: The D-09 features six buttons, designed for easy use and optimal functionality.

Q: What colour is the D-09 mouse?
A: The D-09 mouse is available in a sleek, stormy black colour.

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