SanDisk 256GB High-Endurance Video microSDXC Card: Perfect for Dash Cams & Home Monitoring Systems, 4K UHD Support – SDSQQNR-256G-GN6IA

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Technology advances have brought about remarkable devices like dash cams and home monitoring systems. To run them flawlessly, the right kind of memory card is required – one that is reliable, resilient, and capable of high-performance. Enter the SanDisk 256GB High-Endurance Video microSDXC Card. This is a masterpiece that complements these tech devices perfectly.
SanDisk’s high-endurance microSDXC Card, bearing the model number SDSQQNR-256G-GN6IA, is an exemplary piece of technology. Designed to withstand extensive use, it boasts a memory size of 256GB, providing ample space for storing large amounts of data. It’s specially built for use in dash cams and home monitoring systems, devices known for their continuous data writing.

One of its most impressive features is its compatibility with 4K UHD video recording, thanks to its U3 and V30 speed classes. The card also maintains a Class 10 speed rating, guaranteeing a minimum sequential write speed of 10MB/s – crucial for high-quality video capture.

The ‘High Endurance’ in the title isn’t just for show. This card promises longevity and durability, and can resist harsh conditions like extreme temperatures, water, and shocks. In essence, it’s not just a microSDXC card, but a reliable partner for your dash cam and home monitoring system.

Q: Does this microSDXC Card work well with all dash cams and home monitoring systems?
A: While the SanDisk 256GB High-Endurance microSDXC Card is designed for these devices, compatibility may vary depending on the device brand and model. It’s recommended to check your device’s specifications for compatibility.

Q: Can this card handle 4K UHD video recording?
A: Absolutely! This microSDXC Card supports 4K UHD video recording, due to its U3 and V30 speed classes.

Q: What does the ‘High Endurance’ term mean in this context?
A: ‘High Endurance’ here signifies the card’s ability to withstand extensive use. It’s built to resist extreme conditions like temperature changes, water, and shocks.

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