SAMSUNG PRO Endurance 256GB MicroSDXC, With Adapter, Ideal for Dash, Body, Security Cams – Class 10, U3, V30 (‎MB-MJ256KA/AM)

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Meet your digital storage needs with the SAMSUNG PRO Endurance 256GB MicroSDXC card. Designed for use in dash cams, body cams, and security cameras, this memory card combines high capacity, speed, and reliability.
This MicroSDXC memory card from Samsung, the PRO Endurance 256GB, delivers superior performance for high-endurance applications. Its Class 10, U3, and V30 ratings ensure smooth, uninterrupted video recording and playback in full high-definition, even in extreme conditions.

The included adapter further broadens its compatibility, making it an excellent choice for a variety of devices. As the name suggests, ‘Endurance’ is the primary design principle here. The card is built to withstand prolonged continuous writing sessions without degradation, ideal for dash cams, body cams, and security cameras.

The model number ‎MB-MJ256KA/AM references this particular version of the product, with 256GB capacity. This memory card stands as a robust, durable, and reliable solution for all your high-performance digital storage needs.

Q: Will this card work in my 4K dash cam?
A: Yes, this card is rated Class 10, U3, and V30, which means it’s capable of recording and playing back 4K video.

Q: Can the MicroSDXC be used in smartphones?
A: Yes, with its included adapter, it’s compatible with a variety of devices, including smartphones.

Q: Does the ‘Endurance’ feature mean it’s more durable?
A: Yes, the ‘Endurance’ in the name means the card is designed to withstand prolonged use without performance degradation, particularly suited to devices like dash cams or security cameras that require continuous writing.

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