ROVE MicroSDXC 256GB Ultimate Memory Card: Inclusive of USB 3.2 Type C Reader, Supports 170MB/s, C10, U3, V30, 4K, A2, Ideal for Dash Cam, Android Devices, Tablets, Games

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Presenting the ROVE Ultimate Micro SD Card – a premium memory solution boasting a substantial 256GB capacity. Accompanied by a USB 3.2 Type C card reader, it guarantees high-speed data transfers with a velocity of 170MB/s. With performance ratings of C10, U3, V30, and compatibility with 4K and A2 applications, it remains the preferred choice for an array of devices, from dash cams and Android smartphones to tablets and gaming consoles. Experience the new standard of reliable and efficient data storage.
ROVE Ultimate Micro SD Card, a blend of capacity and speed, raises the bar in the field of digital storage. Housing a whopping 256GB, it ensures your device never runs out of space, making it an asset for high-resolution photography, 4K video recording, mobile gaming, and other demanding applications.

The packaged USB 3.2 Type C card reader augments the utility of this microSDXC card, facilitating high-speed data transfer at 170MB/s. This synergy ensures quick file backup and swift media playback, bringing convenience at your fingertips.

Characterised by Class 10, U3, and V30 performance ratings, the memory card strikes a balance between speed and capacity. It readily supports 4K ultra-HD video recording and playback, fulfilling the needs of videographers and gamers alike. A2 rated, it aids in swift app performance on Android devices, boosting their functionality.

From securing your dash cam footage to providing a seamless gaming experience on your console, the ROVE microSDXC card caters to a multitude of applications. Whether you own an Android smartphone, a tablet, or a gaming console, this memory card amplifies the device’s potential, offering a transformative user experience.

Q: Is the ROVE Ultimate Micro SD Card compatible with all Android smartphones?
A: Yes, the card is designed to work with all Android smartphones, ensuring an enhanced user experience with its high-speed performance and A2 application compatibility.

Q: Can I use this memory card for my dash cam?
A: Absolutely. This card is an excellent choice for dash cams, supporting high-quality 4K video recording and offering ample storage space of 256GB.

Q: What is the role of the included USB 3.2 Type C card reader?
A: The bundled USB 3.2 Type C card reader ensures quick and efficient data transfer between the memory card and your computer or other devices, delivering a transfer speed of up to 170MB/s.

Q: Are the C10, U3, and V30 performance ratings significant?
A: Indeed, these ratings highlight the card’s ability to handle high-resolution media files. A C10 rating signifies the card can maintain a minimum sequential write speed of 10MB/s, while the U3 rating indicates a minimum write speed of 30MB/s. V30 refers to a video speed class that guarantees a minimum sustained video recording rate of 30MB/s. All these specifications make this card ideal for 4K video recording and playback.

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