RK ROYAL KLUDGE S108: Retro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – True RGB & Blue Switch

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Experience the blend of nostalgia and modern gaming with the RK ROYAL KLUDGE S108. Its typewriter style and unique round keycap design set it apart. Paired with advanced features like True RGB backlit and a collapsible wrist rest, this keyboard offers both aesthetics and functionality.
The RK ROYAL KLUDGE S108 is not just another mechanical gaming keyboard. It’s a statement. The typewriter-inspired design is a nod to the past, while its cutting-edge features ensure it’s more than suitable for today’s gaming scenarios. Its 108 keys are equipped with blue switches, renowned for their tactile feedback and audible click. The True RGB backlit not only makes the keys visible in low light conditions but also adds a touch of style and customization. The added collapsible wrist rest ensures extended hours of comfortable gaming or typing. The overall design is completed in a sleek black finish, making it a fit for any desk setup.

Q: Does the RK ROYAL KLUDGE S108 come with customizable RGB lighting?
A: Yes, the S108 features True RGB backlit, allowing users to customize the lighting according to their preferences.

Q: Are the blue switches in the keyboard suitable for typing as well as gaming?
A: Absolutely, blue switches are known for their tactile feedback, making them ideal for both typing and gaming.

Q: Is the wrist rest detachable?
A: The S108 comes with a collapsible wrist rest, ensuring comfort and convenience.

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