Replacement Ink for Canon PIXMA: Relcolor 275XL 276XL – Suitable?

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In the world of printing, ensuring you have the right cartridge for your printer is paramount. Whether it’s for office tasks or personal projects, the compatibility of an ink cartridge with your printer can make or break your printing experience. This guide discusses the Relcolor 275XL 276XL Ink Cartridge and its suitability for various Canon PIXMA models.

Relcolor offers the 275XL 276XL ink cartridge, tailored as a replacement for Canon PG-275 CL-276, 275, and 276 Combo XL cartridges. One might wonder about its performance and compatibility, especially with specific Canon PIXMA models.


Canon PIXMA TS3520, TS3522, TS3500: These models are listed as compatible with the Relcolor 275XL 276XL cartridge. It indicates that users of these models can expect a smooth printing experience when using this cartridge.

Canon PIXMA TR4720, TR4722, TR4700: Likewise, these printers are also compatible. This broadens the range for users seeking alternatives to the original Canon cartridges.

The package comes with two cartridges – Black and Color. This dual pack ensures that both your monochrome and coloured printing needs are addressed.

Why Consider Relcolor 275XL 276XL?:
Apart from compatibility, users often look for cartridges that provide crisp prints, longevity, and value for money. Based on user reviews and product specifications, the Relcolor cartridge seems to tick these boxes.

However, it’s always advised to double-check with the printer’s manual or manufacturer’s website to avoid any potential hiccups.

**Q**: Can I use the Relcolor 275XL 276XL cartridge for other Canon PIXMA models not listed?
**A**: While the cartridge is designed specifically for the mentioned models, it’s crucial to refer to your printer’s manual or manufacturer’s guidelines before using it on other models.

Q: How does the print quality compare with the original Canon cartridges?
A: Many users have found the print quality comparable to the original Canon cartridges. However, individual experiences may vary, so it’s good to test a few pages initially.

Q: Are there any installation guidelines for these cartridges?
A: Installation typically follows the same process as other Canon cartridges. Ensure your printer is off, replace the old cartridge with the new one, and then switch the printer on. If there are any issues, consult the printer’s manual.

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