Onten 10Gbps Quad Port USB C Hub: USB C to USB C & USB A, USB3.2 GEN2 Speed, Data Transfer only

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Meet Onten’s latest creation, the powerhouse of USB C hubs. This innovation does not merely connect devices; it redefines speed and convenience. The hub boasts four ports, two each of USB C and USB A, capable of a breathtaking 10Gbps under USB3.2 GEN2 specification. Please note, though, it is crafted for data transfer, excluding power and monitor support.
The Onten 10Gbps Quad Port USB C Hub stands as a remarkable addition to your technological ensemble, promising efficient and speedy data transfer. Its unique design comprises two USB A and two USB C ports, ensuring a diverse range of device compatibility.

The hub adheres to the USB3.2 GEN2 standard, translating into an impressive data transfer rate of 10Gbps. Whether you’re moving a few documents or gigabytes of data, expect smooth and swift operations with the Onten USB C hub. However, be aware that its focus is purely data-centric, lacking support for power charging or monitor connections.

Understanding the need for reliable and durable tech solutions, Onten’s USB C hub is built to last. It is compact and lightweight, perfect for slipping into your bag on the go. Remember, though, its compactness does not compromise on its performance. Onten is all about delivering efficient results.

Unleash the full potential of your devices with the Onten 10Gbps Quad Port USB C hub. Designed for the modern user, it keeps you connected, fast and secure.

Q: Can the Onten 10Gbps Quad Port USB C Hub support power charging?
A: No, the hub is designed primarily for data transfer, and does not support power charging.

Q: Can I connect a monitor using the Onten USB C hub?
A: Unfortunately, the hub does not have monitor support. It is meant exclusively for data transfer operations.

Q: What kind of devices can I connect with this hub?
A: You can connect a wide variety of devices, as long as they support USB A or USB C connections.

Q: What is the data transfer rate of this hub?
A: The Onten 10Gbps Quad Port USB C Hub boasts a data transfer rate of 10Gbps, following the USB3.2 GEN2 standard.

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