Microsoft Comfort Desktop 5050: Ergonomic Keyboard & Mouse in Black

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Elevate your computing experience with Microsoft Comfort Desktop 5050. Boasting ergonomic design with a built-in palm rest, this keyboard and mouse duo optimises user comfort. The added advantage? Customisable shortcut keys for seamless Windows navigation.
Exclusively tailored for those prioritising comfort, the Microsoft Comfort Desktop 5050 revolutionises workspace ergonomics. Not only does it feature a Comfort Curve design that adheres naturally to hand positioning, but it also includes a supportive palm rest. Dressed in an elegant black, both the keyboard and mouse provide wireless convenience, eliminating desk clutter. The cherry on top? Customisable Windows shortcut keys to enhance productivity and ease of use.

Q: What sets the Microsoft Comfort Desktop 5050 apart?
A: Its ergonomic Comfort Curve design, built-in palm rest, and customisable Windows shortcut keys make it a standout choice for users seeking both functionality and comfort.

Q: Is the device wireless?
A: Yes, both the keyboard and mouse are wireless, offering flexibility and a tidy workspace.

Q: In what colour is this combo available?
A: The combo is available in a sleek black finish.

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