Micro SD Card 512GB | SD-Card with Adapter | UHS-I High-Speed TF Memory

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When storing vital data, it’s paramount to rely on quality memory devices. Dive into the world of optimal storage with our 512GB Micro SD Card that comes complete with an adapter. Not only is it expansive, but it also boasts speeds that cater to the needs of tech enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Memory devices have always been essential components for data storage in modern electronics. Be it snapping photos, saving files, or recording videos, having ample storage is non-negotiable. Our 512GB Micro SD Card offers not just substantial storage space, but also the assurance of high-speed data transfer, thanks to its UHS-I designation.

What sets this card apart? For starters, the provided adapter ensures compatibility with devices that do not have micro SD slots. Secondly, its UHS-I status and A1, U1, Class10, V30 ratings stand testament to its ability to handle demanding tasks with ease.

Whether it’s for your camera, smartphone, or any other device, this SD card promises both reliability and performance. And for those unsure about tech lingo – UHS-I, A1, and V30 are all markers of speed and performance. In simpler terms, it means your data gets stored quickly and safely.

Q: Does this SD card come with an adapter?
A: Yes, the 512GB Micro SD Card includes an adapter for added compatibility.

Q: What’s the significance of UHS-I and Class10 ratings?
A: UHS-I indicates a high-speed interface, while Class10 ensures a minimum data transfer rate of 10MB/s. Both highlight the card’s performance capabilities.

Q: Is this card suitable for 4K video recording?
A: With its V30 rating, the card can support 4K video recording without any hitches.

Q: How does A1 U1 affect the SD card’s performance?
A: A1 U1 ratings indicate the card’s ability to manage random read and write operations, essential for apps and software performance.

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