Logitech MK295 Combo: SilentTouch Tech, Full Numpad & Advanced Optical Tracking – Graphite

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Introducing the Graphite Logitech MK295 Wireless Combo – a fusion of SilentTouch Technology, full numpad, and advanced optical tracking. Experience the pleasure of quiet operation and precise control with this top-tier mouse and keyboard set.

The Logitech MK295 Combo features a sleek, graphite design that embodies sophistication and modernity. This combo stands out with its SilentTouch Technology, ensuring a 90% reduction in noise compared to traditional keyboard and mouse sets, promoting a calm and focused environment.

The keyboard, equipped with a full numpad, caters to an efficient typing experience whether it’s for data entry or quick calculations. Simultaneously, the mouse’s advanced optical tracking system guarantees accurate and smooth cursor movements, making it ideal for graphic design, gaming, or general use.

Furthermore, the wireless capabilities of the MK295 Combo offer an organised, clutter-free workspace. The advanced, lag-free wireless technology ensures a reliable connection, free from delays, dropouts, and interference.

Q: How effective is the SilentTouch Technology in the MK295 Combo?
A: SilentTouch Technology drastically reduces noise levels by up to 90% when compared to traditional peripherals, providing a quieter and less distracting workspace.

Q: What benefits does the full numpad offer?
A: A full numpad facilitates efficient data entry, mathematical calculations, and even quick shortcuts, making the keyboard versatile for various tasks.

Q: How accurate is the mouse’s optical tracking?
A: The advanced optical tracking system in the MK295 mouse offers superior precision, which can enhance tasks such as graphic design, gaming, or general navigation.

Q: Are there any connectivity issues with the wireless technology?
A: The MK295 Combo uses advanced, lag-free wireless technology, which provides a reliable connection without delays or dropouts.

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