Logitech H390 Black Wired Headset: Stereo Sound, Noise-Cancelling Mic, USB In-Line Controls, Suitable for PC, Laptop, Chromebook

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Immerse in the world of sound with Logitech H390, a wired headset designed to take your auditory experience to the next level. Sporting a sleek black design, this headset is equipped with a noise-cancelling microphone and in-line controls, making it an optimal choice for various devices such as PCs, laptops, and Chromebooks.
Boasting a wired connection, Logitech H390 ensures stable and continuous audio output without the worries of battery drain or wireless interference. It delivers crisp stereo sound that accentuates every detail, enabling you to enjoy the utmost auditory experience.

The noise-cancelling microphone, an essential feature of this headset, filters out background noise effectively, ensuring that your voice comes across clearly during calls or gaming sessions. Whether you are in a noisy office or a bustling home environment, you can count on the H390 to deliver clear and natural sound.

Convenience is another strong suit of the Logitech H390. With its USB in-line controls, managing volume or muting your mic has never been easier. The headset works seamlessly with various devices, including PCs, laptops, and Chromebooks, proving its versatility and adaptability.

In terms of comfort, the H390 stands out with its adjustable headband and cushioned ear cups. These features ensure long-lasting comfort during prolonged use, making the headset a perfect companion for all your audio needs. The sleek black design lends a touch of class to your workspace or gaming setup, making it not just a tool, but an accessory.

Overall, Logitech H390 is a blend of quality, comfort, and convenience, offering a top-notch auditory experience. It stands as a testament to Logitech’s commitment to deliver products that not only meet but exceed customer expectations.

Q: Will the Logitech H390 work with my Chromebook?
A: Absolutely! The Logitech H390 is compatible with a wide range of devices, including Chromebooks.

Q: How effective is the noise-cancelling microphone?
A: The noise-cancelling microphone on the Logitech H390 effectively reduces background noise, ensuring clear audio during calls and gaming sessions.

Q: What type of controls are available on this headset?
A: The Logitech H390 features USB in-line controls, making it easy to adjust volume or mute the microphone.

Q: Is the Logitech H390 comfortable for long periods of use?
A: Yes, the H390 headset is designed with an adjustable headband and cushioned ear cups for comfort during prolonged use.

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