Jadaol Outdoor&Indoor Cat 6 Ethernet Cable – 50 ft, 10Gbps Support, Flat High-Speed RJ45, Compatible with Cat7 Cat8, Ideal for Router, Modem, PS4/5, Xbox Gaming – Solid, White

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Embark on a journey of ultra-fast connectivity with Jadaol’s Cat 6 Ethernet Cable. Embodying versatility, this cable is designed for both outdoor and indoor usage. Its compatibility with Cat7 and Cat8 allows you to elevate your network speed to a whopping 10Gbps, promising seamless gaming and internet browsing.

The Jadaol Cat 6 Ethernet Cable offers a solution that combines superior functionality with durability. With a length of 50ft, this flat, high-speed RJ45 ethernet cable lends itself perfectly to a multitude of environments, may it be outdoor or indoor.

Complementing a diverse array of devices, this cable boasts compatibility with Cat7 and Cat8, making it an excellent choice for your Router, Modem, PS4/5, and Xbox gaming systems. Crafted with a keen focus on providing consistent, high-speed connectivity, it supports up to 10Gbps, assuring users of a glitch-free gaming and internet browsing experience.

To further enhance user convenience, it comes with solid patch cords and clips, ensuring easy installation and maintenance. All of these features are encased in a stylish white exterior, matching your tech gadgets’ sleek aesthetic.

Embrace a world where excellent speed meets top-notch durability with the Jadaol Cat 6 Ethernet Cable.

Q: Can this cable be used outdoors?
A: Yes, the Jadaol Cat 6 Ethernet Cable is designed for both outdoor and indoor use.

Q: Does it support gaming consoles like PS4/5 and Xbox?
A: Absolutely, this cable is compatible with devices such as the PS4/5 and Xbox gaming consoles.

Q: What is the maximum speed it can support?
A: The Jadaol Cat 6 Ethernet Cable can support network speeds up to 10Gbps.

Q: Is it compatible with Cat7 and Cat8?
A: Yes, it is fully compatible with both Cat7 and Cat8.

Q: Are patch cords and clips included?
A: Yes, this Ethernet cable comes with solid patch cords and clips for ease of installation.

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