iPhone Charger [Apple MFi Certified] – 2Pack 6ft Cord for iPhone 12/11 Pro & More

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Discover the power and efficiency of our iPhone charger, which comes with an Apple MFi certification. The twin pack offers a lengthy 6ft cord, ensuring flexibility and ease of use. Compatible with a range of iPhone models, from iPhone 12/11 Pro to older versions, these cables are an essential accessory for every Apple enthusiast.

Boasting an Apple MFi certification, our iPhone charger ensures you’re getting a product that meets Apple’s strict performance standards. What does this mean for you? Faster, more reliable charging that harmonises perfectly with your device.

The 2Pack set offers two 6ft lightning cables, a length that provides ample freedom whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the go. Say goodbye to being tethered close to the plug point, and enjoy more freedom to move about while your device charges.

Compatibility is key. Our charging cables seamlessly integrate with a vast range of Apple devices, from the latest iPhone 12/11 Pro to classics like the iPhone 6, 5S, and even the SE and iPad/Air. Thus, whether you’re updating your old cords or seeking additional ones for newer devices, we’ve got you covered.

Q: What does Apple MFi certified mean?
A: Apple MFi certification indicates that the product has met Apple’s stringent performance and quality criteria, ensuring compatibility with Apple devices and a high-quality performance.

Q: Can I use this charger with my iPhone 5S?
A: Absolutely. The charger is compatible with iPhone 5S, as well as various other models including the iPhone 12/11 Pro, XS MAX, XR, and many more.

Q: Is the 6ft length available in both cables in the 2Pack?
A: Yes, both cables in the 2Pack are 6ft in length, providing flexibility and convenience during charging.

Q: How does a longer cord benefit me?
A: A 6ft cord allows you more freedom to move while your device is charging. It’s especially handy if your plug point isn’t near your preferred charging spot.

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