HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand, 13-35 Inch Premium Mount with USB, Adjustable Stands for 2 Monitors, VESA Bracket, Clamp/Grommet Base

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Looking for a solution to keep multiple screens at your ideal viewing angle? The HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand offers that and much more. Designed for 13 to 35-inch monitors, this mount boasts an adjustable height, USB integration, and the capability to hold up to 26.4lbs on each arm. With versatile Clamp/Grommet base, your workspace will transform into a more efficient and ergonomic environment.
The HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand is built with flexibility and convenience in mind. With adjustable height settings, VESA bracket compatibility, and the option to choose between clamp or grommet base, it’s never been easier to set up two monitors in your preferred arrangement.

Compatibility and Size: This dual monitor stand accommodates 13 to 35-inch screens with a maximum load capacity of 26.4lbs on each arm. It fits most VESA sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for your monitors.
Height Adjustability: The stand allows for easy height adjustments, making it a breeze to achieve the perfect viewing angle.
USB Integration: A USB port is integrated into the stand, providing convenient access to charge your devices.
Clamp/Grommet Base: Depending on your desk setup, you can choose between a clamp or grommet base for an easy installation.

Investing in the HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand is investing in the efficiency and comfort of your workspace.

Q: Will this stand fit my 27-inch monitor?
A: Yes, the HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand is compatible with screens ranging from 13 to 35 inches.

Q: Is the USB port suitable for data transfer?
A: The integrated USB is designed primarily for charging devices, not data transfer.

Q: Can I adjust the angle of the monitors individually?
A: Yes, each arm can be adjusted independently, allowing you to position your monitors at the ideal angles.

Q: What if my desk doesn’t have pre-drilled holes for the grommet base?
A: The stand also includes a clamp base option, so it can be installed without needing to drill holes in your desk.

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