HP 564 Black Ink Cartridge Compatibility: Which Printers Work?

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Unveiling the HP 564 Black Ink Cartridge, known for its performance and compatibility with a variety of printer models. Explore its features, functionalities, and discover the range of printers it supports.

The HP 564 Black Ink Cartridge, labelled under CB316WN, stands out for its premium quality and dependable output. Designed meticulously, it offers sharp, clear prints, ensuring both documents and photos appear professional.

Key Points:

Compatibility: This cartridge seamlessly works with a variety of printer models including:
DeskJet 3500
OfficeJet 4620
PhotoSmart series like B8550, C6300, D5400, D7560, 5510, 5520, 6510, 6520, 7510, 7520, and the Premium eStation Series.
Performance: Enhanced with top-notch technology, it ensures every print is consistent, avoiding smudges or blotches.
Durability: Crafted to last, it offers a substantial number of prints before requiring replacement, making it cost-effective.

It is essential to note the significance of using compatible cartridges with printers. Doing so not only optimises print quality but also ensures the longevity of the printer. The HP 564 doesn’t disappoint in this regard.

**Q**: With which printer models is the HP 564 Black Ink Cartridge compatible?
**A**: It’s compatible with DeskJet 3500, OfficeJet 4620, and a range of PhotoSmart series such as B8550, C6300, D5400, among others.

Q: How does the HP 564 cartridge affect the print quality?
A: The cartridge ensures sharp, clear prints, offering a professional finish to both documents and photos.

Q: Is it cost-effective in terms of print yield?
A: Yes, it’s designed to offer a substantial number of prints before necessitating replacement, making it a cost-effective choice.

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