Hiipoo Sublimation Ink for ET & XP Series: Mugs & T-Shirts Heat Press?

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When delving into the world of sublimation printing, selecting the right ink and accessories is crucial. Hiipoo’s offering combines sublimation ink refilled bottles alongside heat tape, optimising results for a range of Epson printers, notably the ET and XP series. Whether it’s crafting custom designs on mugs or personalising t-shirts, understanding how these products function together can elevate your printing projects.

The Hiipoo Sublimation Ink has been specifically designed for compatibility with a selection of Epson’s ET and XP inkjet printers. What sets this package apart is its inclusion of heat tape, ensuring transfers remain precise and designs are sharp.

Key Features:

Versatility: Compatible with ET2400, XP4105, XP4100, ET2720, ET2760, ET2750, ET4800, ET-2800, ET-2803, and ET-2850 inkjet printers.
Comprehensive Package: Contains both sublimation ink refilled bottles and heat tape for streamlined projects.
Broad Application: Suitable for heat press transfers onto a range of mediums, including mugs and t-shirts.

Utilising this combination not only ensures vibrant colours but also guarantees the longevity of prints. It’s a recommended choice for hobbyists and professionals aiming to produce high-quality customised items.

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