Fast-Charging JSAUX USB-C Cable 3.1A: 3-Pack Compatibility & Features?

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Experience the efficiency of JSAUX’s USB-C Cable 3.1A in a 3-pack bundle. With varying lengths suitable for diverse needs and a robust nylon braided design, this cable ensures a swift and reliable charging process. Its compatibility ranges from Samsung Galaxy devices to the PS5 USB C Charger.

The JSAUX USB-C Cable 3.1A offers an unparalleled charging experience. Crafted for durability, the nylon-braided cord can withstand everyday wear and tear. The pack includes three different cable lengths: 10ft, 6.6ft, and 3.3ft, catering to different charging scenarios, be it beside your bed, in the car, or at your work desk.

Notably, this cable boasts universal compatibility. Whether you have the latest Samsung Galaxy S21 or the S8, or perhaps the Note 20, 10, 9, or even a PS5 with a USB C Charger port, this cord promises a fast and efficient charging process. Its unique blue design also adds a touch of aesthetics to its functionality.

Q: Which devices are compatible with the JSAUX USB-C Cable 3.1A?
A: The cable is versatile and works with Samsung Galaxy devices from S21 to S8, Notes including 20, 10, 9, and even the PS5 with a USB C Charger port.

Q: How many cables are included in the pack, and what are their lengths?
A: The pack includes three cables with lengths of 10ft, 6.6ft, and 3.3ft.

Q: What’s the advantage of the nylon-braided design?
A: The nylon-braided cord ensures durability, preventing wear and tear from daily use.

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