Fast Charging iPhone Charger: MFi Certified 20W USB-C Power Adapter – Compatible iPhone 14, 13, 12, 11 & More

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Maximize your device’s charging potential with our MFi Certified 20W USB-C Power Adapter. Our package includes a 2 Pack fast charger set accompanied by a 6 FT USB C to Lightning Cable, ensuring seamless compatibility with the iPhone 14, 13, 12, 11, and other models. The perfect power solution for those on-the-go, this set marries convenience with top-notch performance.

Unboxing a brand new iPhone is always thrilling. But, to get the best out of your device, equipping it with a fast charger is paramount. Why settle for less when you can have the best?
MFi Certified Excellence: Our chargers come with the sought-after MFi Certification, ensuring optimal safety and compatibility.
20W USB-C Power Adapter: A game-changer in charging, the 20W USB-C power adapter ensures lightning-fast charging, so your device is powered up in no time.
Durable 6 FT USB C to Lightning Cable: No more being tethered to the wall. The 6-foot cable provides flexibility, allowing you to move around while your device charges.
Broad Compatibility: While it’s a perfect fit for the iPhone 14, 13, 12, and 11, this set is also compatible with many other iPhone models and devices.

The future of charging is here. And it’s faster, more efficient, and MFi Certified.

**Q**: Are these chargers genuinely MFi Certified?
**A**: Absolutely, our chargers are MFi Certified, ensuring they meet Apple’s performance standards.

Q: Can I use the 6 FT USB C to Lightning Cable with other chargers?
A: Yes, the cable is designed to be versatile and can be used with other compatible chargers.

Q: How much faster is the 20W USB-C Power Adapter compared to standard chargers?
A: The 20W USB-C Power Adapter can charge up to 50% faster than regular chargers, ensuring your device is powered up swiftly.

Q: Is the charger compatible with older iPhone models?
A: While it’s tailor-made for iPhone 14, 13, 12, and 11, it’s also compatible with many previous iPhone models.

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