Ergopollo Mouse Jiggler: Drive Free USB & 5V1A Adapter for Active PC Screen – Blue

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Delve into the features of the Ergopollo Mouse Jiggler, a device offering undetectable mouse movement. Packaged with a drive-free USB cable and a 5V1A adapter, it ensures your PC screen remains active and engaging.
As technology advances, tools like the Ergopollo Mouse Jiggler become essential for those wanting to maintain screen activity without continuous interaction. This device, in a striking blue hue, is more than a mere accessory. Its primary function is to wiggle or shake the mouse cursor subtly and continuously, keeping the computer from sleeping or displaying screen savers. The drive-free USB cable ensures easy connectivity, while the included 5V1A adapter provides the power required. Users find such a device especially useful during presentations or when monitoring specific applications without regular input.

Q: What’s the main purpose of the Ergopollo Mouse Jiggler?
A: To subtly and continuously move the mouse cursor, preventing the computer from entering sleep mode or showing screen savers.

Q: Is there a need for any software installation?
A: No, the device comes with a drive-free USB, making it plug-and-play.

Q: Can the movement be detected visually on the screen?
A: The Ergopollo Mouse Jiggler provides undetectable movement, so it’s discreet.

Q: What’s included in the package?
A: The package comprises the mouse jiggler, a drive-free USB cable, and a 5V1A adapter.

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