EPSON T288 DURABrite Ultra Ink – Suitable for Select Epson Expression Printers?

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EPSON, a brand synonymous with quality printing solutions, presents its T288 DURABrite Ultra Ink. The combo pack contains both black and color cartridges tailored for select Epson Expression Printers. In this guide, we’ll explore its compatibility, capacity, and overall performance.

The EPSON T288 DURABrite Ultra Ink promises high-quality printing with the added convenience of a combo pack. Featuring both black and color cartridges, users can anticipate consistent and vibrant prints.

Specifically designed for a range of Epson Expression Printers, the T288 DURABrite Ultra Ink offers standard capacity, ensuring that your prints remain sharp and fade-resistant for a considerable duration. With the product code T288120-BCS, potential buyers can easily identify its authenticity.

While purchasing printer cartridges, the main concerns usually revolve around compatibility, print yield, and color quality. With EPSON’s reliable reputation, the T288 DURABrite Ultra Ink aims to satisfy these requirements, offering peace of mind to the users.

**Q:** Is the EPSON T288 DURABrite Ultra Ink compatible with all Epson Expression Printers?

A: No, it’s designed for select models. Always check the product specifications to ensure compatibility.

Q: What is the print yield of the T288 DURABrite Ultra Ink?

A: The yield can vary based on the printer model and usage, but it offers a standard capacity for both black and color prints.

Q: Are the black and color cartridges sold separately?

A: This product is a combo pack, so it includes both black and color cartridges.

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