Effortless Typing Experience: Apple Magic Keyboard with Touch ID, Numeric Keypad, Wireless Bluetooth, Rechargeable, Compatible with Apple Silicon Mac – Black Keys, US English

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Discover the convenience of Apple’s Magic Keyboard that boasts Touch ID, a Numeric Keypad, and Wireless Bluetooth technology. This rechargeable keyboard is specifically designed for use with Mac computers equipped with Apple Silicon. Sporting black keys, this US English layout keyboard brings an elevated typing experience right to your fingertips.

The Apple Magic Keyboard incorporates modern technology into a sleek, compact design. One of its key features, Touch ID, allows for secure and speedy authentication. Additionally, the inclusion of a numeric keypad makes data entry tasks effortless.

This keyboard operates via Bluetooth, meaning no cords are needed, offering a clutter-free workspace. What’s more, it’s rechargeable, so you won’t be dealing with pesky battery replacements. Just connect it to your Mac via the Lightning port when it needs a boost, and you’re all set.

The black keys, set against a sleek silver base, add a touch of sophistication to any setup. And with the US English layout, it ensures familiar and efficient typing for those used to this language style. Finally, it’s compatibility with Mac computers using Apple Silicon guarantees seamless interaction between your devices.

Q: Does the Apple Magic Keyboard have Touch ID?
A: Yes, the Apple Magic Keyboard features Touch ID, allowing for quick and secure authentication.

Q: Is this keyboard wireless?
A: Yes, the Magic Keyboard uses Bluetooth to connect to your computer, eliminating the need for any cords.

Q: Can I recharge the Apple Magic Keyboard?
A: Absolutely. This keyboard is rechargeable via a Lightning port.

Q: What language layout does this keyboard use?
A: The Apple Magic Keyboard utilises a US English layout.

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