Edible Cake Topper Printer Bundle: Ink, Wafer Sheets & Markers

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For those passionate about baking and cake decoration, the Edible Cake Topper Printer Bundle brings an exciting combination of tools. Discover the convenience of printing customised designs, using edible ink and wafer sheets. Complementing this, the bundle includes vibrant edible colour markers and a printhead cleaning kit, ensuring longevity and clarity for your cake prints.
Offering a unique way to customise cakes, this printer bundle is an essential for all bakers. The main feature is the cake topper image printer, allowing users to produce intricate designs on wafer sheets. These sheets, made from potato starch, water, and vegetable oil, are perfect for placing on cakes. The edible ink cartridges, provided in the set, ensure a safe, tasty, and vibrant print.

To take the creativity up a notch, the bundle boasts edible colour markers. Ideal for hand-drawing details, personal messages, or adding a touch of flair. And, to guarantee the printer’s longevity, a printhead cleaning kit is included, essential for maintaining clear and clog-free prints.

Q: What’s the primary use of the cake topper image printer?
A: It’s used to produce customised designs on wafer sheets for cake decoration.

Q: Are the inks safe for consumption?
A: Absolutely, the edible ink cartridges are designed for safety and taste.

Q: Can I hand-draw on the printed designs?
A: Yes, the bundle includes edible colour markers perfect for adding personal touches or details.

Q: How do I maintain the printer for long-term use?
A: Regular use of the provided printhead cleaning kit will ensure clear and clog-free prints.

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